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Exercise Types

  1. Stretching  → (= S)

Allow muscles to lengthen. Receive space in joints.


  1. Self-Massage  / Gravity Exercise (= G)

Release tension yourself by applying pressure of gravity.

With different body positions and obstacles help direct gravity to work for us.


  1. Daily Life → Daily Life Exercise (= D)

Be fit by just doing your daily doings.

Allow you daily routine to be your practice.


  1. Power  (=P)

Create strength or force by moving muscles.

Grow your muscles by using them wisely. First stretch, then strength. Only train muscles that you want / need to be trained.


  1. Coordination  (=C)

Move different body parts smoothly together for a common goal.


  1. Posture

Efficient body positioning while sitting, standing, walking or lying down.


  1. Exercise (= E)

An exercise that requires scheduled time for practicing.

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